Visit Puerto Rico
Visit Puerto Rico
Culebra the Romance Capital of Puerto Rico

Exploring Puerto Rico

Written by Julie Greiner
Before an evening on the town, one must learn of the heritage of the Puerto Rican music. Danza and Bomba Music are the flesh and blood of Puerto Rican Folklore. French romanticism influence and Spanish heritage formed Danza music which was performed during "soirees" by elegantly attired ladies and gentlemen doing intricately flowing dance routines. The island's national anthem, La Borinquena is Puerto Rico's best known danza. Bomba is characterized by strong, rhythmic dance-oriented sounds accentuated by heavy percussion and singing. Puerto Rico nights are much more than just tropical sunsets. You may choose from sophisticated nightclubs, casinos, dance and
opera or informal local bands and the mellow rhythms of latin jazz.

Rio Grande and the El Yunque Caribbean National Rain Forest

The 28,000 acre El Yunque Caribbean national Forest is the only rain forest within the U.S. National Forest System. This forest receives over 100 billion gallons of rainfall annually and contains 240 species of trees. The forest is located on the east coast of the island. The El Portal Visitors Center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. The hiking ails at El Yunque are designed for foot travel only. The views of
Lazy Day on Beach of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
the Rio Grande are magnificent and a swim in the natural pool at La Mina Falls is a must on your visit. The Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve is near Fajardo, and worth a visit to view the mosaic of tropical coast ecosystems. Flamenco Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Hacienda Lucia and Rio Blanco Falls of Puerto Rico

The old sugar plantation of Hacienda Lucia "Sugar Town" is on the southeast of Puerto Rico not far from the Punta Tuna lighthouse. Children will enjoy the visiting the grounds of the Puerto Rican Olympic athletes' training center located in Salinas. This park
has a children's park, aviary, botanical garden and water park. There is a restored sugar cane plantation, the Casa Roig Museum which is located in Humacao.

Ponce and Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center

Ponce is Puerto Rico's second largest city. This city features many interesting tourist attractions. The Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center, an archaeological treasure with rectangular ball courts and ceremonial plazas dating from 300 A.D. to 700 A.D. is located in Ponce. There is the Serralles Castle, the Ponce Museum of Art, the Ponce History Museum and the 19th century coffee plantation of
Only Rainforest in the United States Forestry
Hacienda Buena Vista. Also there is the 100-foot tall El Vigia Cross, Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral and the downtown La Guancha boardwalk.

Cabo Rojo, San German and Lajas of the Southwest

The beaches are unspoiled are pristine. A glass bottom boat ride on a moonless night allows you to see the beautiful bioluminescent bay in the town of Lajas in its famous La Parguera area. This should be marked the eighth wonder of the world.
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